GLOBAL TELECOM is a South African based company, which specialises in the rollout of telecommunications solutions for operators in Africa.

Global Telecom Pty, Ltd is the holding company operating subsidiary companies Skyband, SkyAfrica and VIPAfone each subsidiary focusing on niche high tech specialities within the telecommunication space of Africa. Global Telecom’s 30 years of large-scale deployment experience in providing turnkey telecommunication solutions to Carriers in Africa is proof of its commitment to the growth of telecommunications in Africa.

Botswana Telecoms (BTC) – Major Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Project

BTC’s national networks comprise wired and wireless connections serving 143 000 customer access line connections (March 2003).


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The Vision:
Broadband everywhere
In recent years, Broadband technology has rapidly become an established, global commodity required by a high percentage of the population.
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