Corporate Structure

Global Telecom Pty, Ltd, operates subsidiary companies Skyband, SkyAfrica and VIPAfone, each focusing on niche high tech specialities within the telecommunication space of Africa. Global Telecom provides support services to these subsidiaries through its vast experience in providing turnkey solutions, from green field sites to final commissioning.
Projects undertaken include Wireless Access, Microwave, VSAT and Optical Fibre reticulation. Global Telecom Services has highly skilled engineers and support personnel who are responsible for managing all components of the projects undertaken inclusive radio planning, civil works, project management, installation and commissioning, training and maintenance and support.


Skyband, is a South African based BEE company that specialises in providing turnkey Broadband Wireless Access solutions to operators a nd incumbent operators in Africa. Skyband’s core, highly skilled team oversees all the deployment aspects of turnkey broadband wireless telecommunication infrastructure solutions from site radio and planning surveys through to base station building, commissioning, network management systems, roll out and support.


VIPA [Voice Over IP Africa] is a VOIP service provision company providing the following:

# VoIP services for Public Telephony, enterprises and NGO’S
# VOIP equipment: PC to Phone dialers, IP phones & VOIP Gateways
# Commercial and turnkey VOIP consulting services
# Technical and support services

VIPA focuses on enabling entrepreneurs in Africa to build profitable businesses through the provision of VOIP services


Sky@frica is a division of Global Telecom that provides leading edge technology, and whose services are managed and operated by a team of knowledgeable, skilled and highly regarded professionals in the VSAT telecommunication and business fields. Sky@frica has its own VSAT network with a hub in Kenya covering Africa and Madagascar providing the ability to offer clients a turnkey VSAT solution.
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