Botswana Telecoms (BTC) – Major Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Project

BTC’s national networks comprise wired and wireless connections serving 143 000 customer access line connections (March 2003). Global Telecom provided BTC a turnkey solution of 20,000 wireless lines (2001/2002) covering 9 areas within Botswana – serving residential and small business customers. The project was completed within 10 months in accordance with project deadlines .

Deployment: High and low density from major towns to rural villages

Application: Voice, Voice Band Data, Payphones and ISDN

Project components: Surveys and radio planning, complete civil works inclusive of towers, shelters, microwave, 48v power, solar. Interfaced existing network management systems and connected subscribers i.e. managed all CPE installations.

“Corporate Connect” Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Project

Vodacom DRC has been in operation for over 2 years and has over 1 million subscribers. Global Telecom is providing Vodacom DRC the ability to offer Wireless Fixed Line Voice and Data Services to corporate customers off its existing infrastructure.

Swaziland Post & Telecommunications (SPTC) – Major Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Project

Global Telecom provided SPTC, is Swaziland’s incumbent operator, a turnkey solution of 11, 000 Wireless Lines. Global Telecom built a microwave backhaul transmission network for SPTC’s Base Stations as well as a full IP based Network Management System for SPTC inclusive of routers, multiplexers, etc.

Major Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Project

Telecom Namibia serves more than 114,000 customers. Global Telecom provided Telecom Namibia a turnkey wireless solution – 10,000 lines.

Deployment: Urban and rural areas, including Windhoek
Project components: inclusive of all components: Surveys, radio planning, civil works (towers, shelters, microwave, 48v power, solar). Interfaced existing network management systems
Performed subscriber installations

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